I’ve Moved To A New Site – www.jaysbrickblog.com

Alright before you guys start panicking, I’m still going to be blogging about Lego!

So a couple of weeks ago, I began contemplating about getting my own domain and moving away from wordpress.com. It stemmed from the fact that I became aware that WordPress has always attached dodgy looking ads on to my blog posts. See example below:

Fullscreen capture 14092013 11443 AM

I only became aware of how badly the ads looked when I was using my wife’s PC to check my blog because I normally have Adblock on which basically blocks any obstructive ads in my browser.

Ever since then, I’ve become quite uncomfortable about the fact that WordPress was serving up these shady looking ads so I started doing some research into how I would migrate to my own site where I had more control over the kinds of ads that show up (if any) and I figured it would be nice to have my very own domain.

After sinking hours into learning about how to set up my own self-hosted blog and even more hours migrating over all my posts, content and pictures… I proudly present to you


It’s my very own domain where I have free reign over what you see and I only want my readers to see exciting, educational and interesting Lego content!

I’ve put in a whole lot of effort into cloning my site, which meant manually migrating all my pictures from when this blog first started to the new site, to allow a more seamless transition. If you’ve gone over to the new site, you’ll notice that everything more or less looks and feels the same, which is what I ultimately wanted – a seamless transition to a new website, while retaining all the best bits of this blog.

I really hope to further improve my blog now that I have more control over the site and I want to thank you for being such awesome readers!

In fact I’ve already posted up my very first post on my new domain, Part 2 of my Lego Series 11 Review!

This will be the last post at jaysbrickblog.wordpress.com and I really hope you guys will bookmark and continue on to my new blog at www.jaysbrickblog.com. I hope to see all of you there 🙂

About Jay

I'm passionate about LEGO and how everything just seems to *click* together when I build. I'm fiercely independent with my reviews and just love writing about my hobby.
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